Cleaning Wooden Toys for Kids: Safety Considerations and Tips

Learn how to safely clean and disinfect wooden toys for kids with 100% ecological vinegar and water. Read more about safety considerations when selecting wooden toys for babies.

Cleaning Wooden Toys for Kids: Safety Considerations and Tips

Wooden toys are a great way to provide your child with hours of fun and learning. But, like any other toy, they need to be cleaned and maintained properly to ensure your child's safety. To avoid any infection, never use cleaning products for wooden furniture or disinfecting wipes. The best way to safely clean and disinfect your wooden toys is to use 100% ecological vinegar, diluted with water.

For general cleaning, a damp cloth with water is sufficient. For the dirtiest wooden toys, you can make a mixture of soap or vinegar and water. Use a rag to clean the toy with the mixture. In some cases, you may need a soft brush to clean up stubborn dirt.

When gently sanded and finished with non-toxic oil, a baby toy made of hardwood can be the perfect educational teething toy. So you can take comfort in the fact that your child's wooden toys are less likely to harbor nasty germs. When selecting wooden toys for babies, it is important to read the description, how they are made and what types of products the company uses. Beeswax is also an excellent safe option for babies, as it will protect wooden toys from drying out, prevent them from being scratched and will keep them looking fantastic.

Cleaning wooden toys doesn't have to be complicated or require harsh chemicals, special products, or equipment. Cleaning wooden toys is easy, but just like cleaning soft toys, they need proper care, as some methods can damage them. To stay up-to-date on toy recalls, visit the CPSC website or call their hotline at (800) 638-CPSC to report a toy you think is unsafe.

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